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How To Get Your Car Diffuser Working Again, In Just Two Minutes

Posted by Jeremy Friedland on

How To Get Your Car Diffuser Working Again, In Just Two Minutes

One if the most common concerns we get here at Sassy Essentials is, "Why has my car diffuser quit working?"

To be honest, this stumped me for a long time. 

My wife and I had never had any issues with our car diffusers, and still have the original diffusers we bought over 8 months ago.

But, despite our own good experience with this amazing diffuser, we were finding that about 1% of our customers were experiencing a problem with their diffusers losing the mist after only a few days or weeks. So, we started asking customers to send them back so that we could test them out, and see what the problem was.

Some of the time, the diffusers were just broken. Meaning, they got overheated, or they just never worked, but that was very rare.

The majority of the time, we found that there was either one or a combination of issues that were causing the diffuser to stop misting, and here they are.

#1 The diffuser was just clogged, due to using too thick of oil, or using for too long before replacing the filter.  Or....

#2 A combination of being dirty, and also losing the spring that is supposed to push the filter up to the top of the metal disc. When that happens, you will notice a light mist or no mist, and a horrible squealing noise. 

So, we decided to make you a video about.....

How To Get Your In Car Essential Oil Diffuser Misting Again

I hope that you found this video helpful, and that you can get your Car Diffuser working again. Even if you didn't buy it from us, we want you to enjoy your car diffuser for as long as possible.


If you need to grab some replacement filters, you can get them here. <===(click the link) Use this special discount code WICKS20 to save 20% right now.

Also, if its too late and your car diffuser has burnt out, or if you just want take a look at some of the other diffusers we have for your car and home, you can visit our diffuser page here. 

Have an amazing day, and enjoy your favorite Essentials Oils. 

P.S.  When you get replacement filters using the coupon code above, we will also send you our awesome Bottle Opener Key Tool for FREE!

Free when you order filters today. 

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