About us

Sassy Essentials was kind of an accident, but a very happy accident.

My husband and I were introduced to essential oils by a great friend of ours, and after using them to help some sleeping and digestive issues my husband was having, I was sold on the benefits of essential oils in our life, and I wanted to use them everywhere I could.

Our very first product was the In Car Diffuser, and we partnered with a different website to help us see if they would be popular, sure enough, they were!

So, here we are, a brand new store, trying to provide great quality and great looking diffusers for home, office, work, and even your commute around town.

We will eventually expand our offerings, but for now, we are still a small business trying to make it in the world.

We are based out of Portland Oregon, one of the greatest places on the planet, in my opinion, full of beauty, nature, and great people. 

Thank you for looking at our website and considering the purchase of our products.

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