Frankincense serrata Essential Oil

Frankincense serrata Essential Oil

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The resin of the Frankincense Serrata has been treasured since ancient times as a rare and valued remedy. Referred to in the Christian Bible, this delicate scent has been prized as a rare gift, used to stabilize emotional turmoil, and balance daily tension and stress. Incorporate this sweet ancient wood-and-citrus scent into your aromatherapy routine to enrich your modern home.

Treat your skin to the refining power of pure Frankincense Serrata essential oil. Maintain youthful looking skin, lessen stretch marks, clarify complexion, and cultivate natural beauty. Add a few drops to your skincare cream and blend well. Apply daily to face, neck, shoulders, hands, and other problem areas for nourishing benefits.

Use Frankincense Serrata essential oil in your diffuser to stay on top of the fantastic chaos of parenthood. Just a few drops can fill your house with calm and centering aromatherapy benefits. Help your family maintain a mood of cheer and cooperation during busy days at home. Center your own emotions and manage your stress levels while supporting the needs of the whole house.

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