Oils from the Bible Essential Oil Blend

Oils from the Bible Essential Oil Blend


Invite in the warmth, power and tradition of the most honored essential oils from ancient texts with this sweet and powerful blend derived from historical references in the Bible. We’ve used traditional knowledge to pull together a remarkable mix of pure essential oils with time-honored history, rooted in the ancient words of scripture, to create a blend that is grounding, balancing, calming and deliciously fragrant.

In this remarkable blend we’ve combined the deep strength of Cedarwood, bright and fresh Myrtle, bracing Frankincense, uplifting Cypress, rich Spikenard, green and herbal Hyssop, earthy Myrrh, sweet Cinnamon Bark, and the bright and motivating scent of pure Orange essential oils. This balanced combination has exceptional power to calm the body, focus the mind, aid in meditation, give feelings of protection and allow you to experience a deep and personal connection to traditional roots of these long-valued resources.

Enjoy a natural gift from the past with this versatile blend. Add a few drops to a diffuser to fill your room with a calming fragrance and a rooted perspective. Use for feelings of stress relief, or to aid in your daily meditation, study, and reflection. Dilute and apply to the skin for feelings of relief and protection for your body and mind. Breathe directly from the bottle when you want a tangible connection to ancient times and a natural gift from the distant past.

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