Real Kids Kit

Real Kids Kit


Help kids feel more comfortable, strong, and rested with the help of three pure and natural essential oil blends -- Kids Immune Power, Kids Sleep Well, and Kids Breathe Strong. These kid-appropriate blends can help your home be happier and healthier without exposing your family to harmful manufactured chemicals.

Some years the sniffles and sneezes bouncing around the house seem to linger for months. Now you can do something about them with Kids Immune Power essential oil blend. Build a natural barrier with this carefully crafted mix that concentrates the best constituents at optimal levels. It gives feelings of protection for your family and home from irksome and persistent seasonal threats and aches. In this unique blend, uplifting Lemon and warm Spearmint are combined with effective Dill, Copaiba, Palmarosa, and ancient Frankincense for a balanced fusion of potent protection. Use it to promote kids' feelings of easy breathing, clean your home, purify and deodorize the air, and keep your family on their feet all season long.

Losing sleep can be especially hard on kids. It lowers performance in school, shortens attention spans, limits patience, and harms physical health -- in addition to turning parents into grumps. But there is a natural solution with Kids Sleep Well blend, crafted to help kids unwind, relax, and release tension before bedtime so they can ease into sleep. With good rest under their belts they can wake up fresh and ready for the day. We've combined and concentrated premium botanicals to promote rest ... Sweet Orange, warm Lavender, restful Cedarwood, and calming Vetiver. This kid-appropriate fusion will help your whole family unwind and be ready to snooze.

The bracing scent of Kids Breathe Strong soothes respiratory discomfort and seasonal stress with the power of pure essential oils. This kid-appropriate blend brings together premium natural products to support children's respiratory health and give feelings of relief when they are down. The bracing scent of Fir Needle and Spruce are combined with uplifting Spearmint and purifying Tea Tree to create a gentle, grounding, and potent blend to naturally supplement your watchful care the next time someone at home has respiratory symptoms. We’ve skipped the Eucalyptus in this blend, which can be too potent for many children. Add Kids Breathe Strong to a diffuser and breathe sweet relief, or massage it with a carrier oil into the skin for a more targeted approach.

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