Resilient Skin Essential Oil Blend

Resilient Skin Essential Oil Blend


Who says you can't have outward sizzle and inner strength? You can! Protect and fortify your outer layer so that you can tackle life at full force with Resilient Skin essential oil blend. This botanical balm lets you jump into your next adventure with both feet, and then soothe the bumps and bruises afterwards, just in case they happen. Support your skin's natural healing with the power of essential oils.

Use Resilient Skin topically to reduce the appearance of annoying blackheads and distracting blemishes. Massage into your limbs to smooth the appearance of spider veins and sun spots. Get feelings of relief from insect bites, and keep critters away with this protecting scent. Ease the discomfort of mild sunburns with calming relief.

The sweet scent of Lavender and Lemongrass is carefully blended with the unique strength of pure Helichrysum, bracing Cypress, and supportive Rosemary to create a powerful tool for the health of your skin. Tighten and tone skin texture, soothe irritants, and reduce the appearance of bruises. Ease the discomfort of a long day in the open air, or feed your skin in preparation for your next trek up the mountain with this remarkable product.

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